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ProductsHome->Products ->Auto LED Lamp ->BA15S(P21W)1156 LED Lamp->HSUN-BA15S 9.5W High Power LED Spotlight Lens(3*1.5W+5W Cree LED chip)

1.The light source of in the front of the 9.5W and 11W High Power LED is combined with high brightness of the original America CREE 5W chip, the luminous efficiency increased by 200% compare to the former two types 6w and 7.5w

2.The unique top PCB design with holes, better heat dissipation, double constant current circuit design to make the lifetime up to 50,000 hours

3. Two group Constant Current Driver working on separately to get the maximum brightness efficiency.

4. the overall brightness enhanced obviously

5. Double lens design on the front of the light (internal CREE little lens + external big lens), stronger air-penetration, range farther, to ensure safety when drive in rainy day with 9.5w and 11w high power led as fog light.

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